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Radio Te Aroha is owned and operated by the Te Aroha Dramatic Society which in turn, owns and operates the Te Aroha Little Theatre in Honi St, Te Aroha. The Society is both an incorporated society and a registered charity and has been established in Te Aroha for over 70 years. First and foremost, the station is run primarily to provide free advertising for community groups, not-for-profits, charities, clubs, schools, churches and their events as well as local employers advertising jobs and job-seekers looking for work. Having a garage sale? We advertise these for free too! All monies raised through on-air commercial advertising supports not only our local theatre but also local community groups and events by enabling them to advertise on the radio for free. Radio Te Aroha is a member of the Te Aroha Business Association.

We not only broadcast worldwide over the internet via our website player in 128kps digital stereo but also locally in Te Aroha on 88FM if you're within a 5km to 8km radius of downtown Te Aroha (see map). 

We also partner with Waikato Civil Defence the NZ Met Service and our local Red Cross Branch and broadcast alerts received about local storms, high winds, earthquakes, floods, Covid-19, landslides, biosecurity and wildfires in our region. Tune in here to hear these.

Radio Te Aroha is run completely by volunteers who believe in the promotion of our town as a great place to live and a wonderful tourist destination and publicising community groups and their activities, local businesses and local music artists.

Our thanks to NMBL Internet Services in Te Aroha who provide and maintain our internet and power feeds to our FM transmission equipment.

Our coverage map shows our approximate FM broadcast radius which covers Te Aroha, Waihou, Waitoa, Elstow, Te Aroha West and Manawaru. If you're outside of that radius, listening in online here is your best option as our internet audio feed reaches worldwide. 

Our Te Aroha studio
waitoa map.jpg
Our FM transmitter range


All you need is a smartphone and an email address and you're away. We provide full training on how set up an app on your smartphone, record content and email it to us in the studio for editing, getting the client's approval and getting it on-air. We even send you the script that needs to be recorded. You'll find it a bit weird hearing yourself on the radio but think about what you're doing for your community.

Some of our team do personal visits, write scripts and record them with clients. This takes confidence and experience but it's an optional thing that you might like to consider at some stage.

Download our information brochure in pdf format.

Get in contact with us. Fill out our online form.



Why not come and join the team by volunteering with Radio Te Aroha? We're always looking for locals who are keen to do voiceovers for our community organisations and our commercial advertisers. Yes, the pay sucks (ie. nothing) but you're joining a local Te Aroha organisation that promotes our town and supports organisations that struggle to find volunteers and raise funds.

Videos about us and the wonderful town of Te Aroha
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