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Our listener counter (above) tells us how many people are tuned in right now to our internet audio stream. Please note that this number excludes the number of people tuned in locally on 88FM.


We've done our research into the cost of commercial advertising with other Waikato radio stations. Believe us when we say that it's not cheap, BUT .... help is at hand. Radio Te Aroha is a not-for-profit radio station where ALL monies received go back into supporting Te Aroha's community organisations. Here's what we can offer your business:


Got a business, product or event launch that you want to start with a BANG? Why not have Radio Te Aroha broadcasting live from your business to both a local and worldwide audience? We've got lots of suggestions on how to do this and it won't cost you an arm or a leg - just an agreed donation to the Te Aroha Dramatic Society. Get in touch either by phone on 0221564708 or our contact form or email us at



We offer:

  • A radio advertisement up to one minute long.

  • Cost of the advertisement for a whole year is just $200. Yes, just $200. We invoice annually via email. If you're a member of the Te Aroha Business Association we offer a 25% discount. 

  • You choose the content of your radio ad yourself with guidance from us but you have the final say on how it’s scripted and sounds.

  • You can voice the advert yourself or we'll do it for you. Due to the station being owned by the Te Aroha Dramatic Society, we have some very talented actors that'll make your ad sound very professional.

  • Your ad can be changed as often as weekly if you so choose – eg. weekly specials etc. 

  • An ad that runs on-air every 4 hours on average until such time as you want to change it, remove it or your 12 month fee expires without renewal. Please note that we don't play commercial advertising on Christmas Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Anzac Day morning as it's unlawful to do so. 

  • The advertisement can be voiced by anyone of your choosing or we can voice it for you. We can also help you with free mp3 recording software that can be downloaded to your smartphone to enable you to record your own ads and email them to us for editing and adding music etc if you decide to choose this method. We can also record you reading your own script by using MS Messenger, Skype or Zoom. Alternatively you can leave the whole process to us by just sending us your script. 

  • Once recorded, we email you a finished mp3 copy of your advert for your approval as well as an mp4 video version of the ad that you can upload to your own social media pages and social media groups that allow commercial advertising.

  • Your ad will also be uploaded to our station’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for extra exposure to our listeners and the community. 

  • Your advertisement will be aired locally on 88.0FM and simulcast to a national and international audience on our website here. 

  • We provide a free written advertisement on our website's business listing page here where people can listen to your radio ad on-demand and click on a link to a website of your choice – eg. business website, Facebook page etc. 


By investing in an advertisement with our radio station, you’re not only promoting your business to the community and the world but also supporting your local Dramatic Society as well as your local community groups, charities, sports clubs, not-for-profits and schools with free advertising. Always remember that advertising your business is a cost so what you pay is tax deductible.

A very famous entrepreneur once said "You can't sell a secret". That's a statement that we wholeheartedly agree with. People won't patronise your business if they don't know about it.


Download our advertising guide and application form and contact us now.




With the advancement in technology, radio advertisements are becoming better when it comes to quality. Despite the competition from other forms of advertisement, Nielson Audio reports 243 million people listen to the radio and listen to advertisements every single day.

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